Kristin Vikjord

Clinical Psychologist, writer, yoga and mindfulness facilitator.

Hi! And warmly welcome to my online office.

Here you can request sessions with me, register for my trainings and workshops, and find expert resources to empower your emotional wellbeing. You can also order my book, Inner Spark here.

I firmly believe in the empowerment to emotional wellbeing, for a more integrated health, to lead a wondrous life. I am trained clinical psychologist, certified yoga therapist and mindfulness facilitator. My aim is to facilitate you in reclaiming your resources, provide you with tools of more skilful means, for you to regain full agency over your mental health, emotional wellbeing and life.

As co-founder of Delight Yoga, the biggest yoga school in Europe, and the Arctic Yoga Conference – the worlds most beautiful health and wellbeing event, you’ll also find me representing at the Inner Peace Conference (Amsterdam & New York).  For online teachings of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, you can practice with me on The House of Yoga platform.

I live in Bodø, Norway, with my husband and our two sons, and we spend our time between the nature in Bodø, and city life in Amsterdam.

Because of my little-over-the average interest in meditative practices such as mindfulness, yoga and compassion based approaches application for mental health, I´ve been part of many beautiful initiatives and projects throughout the years.

For more than a decade I have been sharing mindfulness and yoga in both inpatient and outpatient clinical settings, complimentary to conventional psychotherapy. I’ve seen clients re-connect with themselves through these practices, and some become more aware of their own boundaries, and inspired to agent positive lifestyle changes.

I’ve trained hundreds of colleagues, both for their individual support as helpers, but also in how to set up meditative practices as interventions with their own clients. As clinical supervisor for huge global projects applying yoga as support for under served populations, I’m also proud to provide expert input in multiple research projects. Yoga is well-known to benefit mental health and compliment therapy, and I applaud the growing body of studies nuancing this field, giving a more elaborate scientific language on the efficacy and contraindications of these approaches.

My aim is to continue contributing in this conversation globally, of how to empower coming generations emotional wellbeing and mental health, as means to treat them selves better, each other, and this planet we live on.


Kristin is authorised Clinical Health Psychologist (EuroPsy)

Kristin graduated MSc (cand.polit) at NTNU 2006, and MSc (cand.psychol) at UCPH 2009. She has been working as a clinical psychologist since 2009, authorised in Norway and Europe. She is trained in several psychotherapeutic approaches such as: cognitive therapy (CBT-E), mentalizing based therapy, motivational interviews, traume sensitive yoga (TSY), and mindfulness based therapy (MBCT). Kristin is currently training in emotional focus therapy, and accelerated experiental dynamic psychotherapy (AEDP).

In addition, Kristin is registered yoga teacher (E-RYT500), registered yoga therapist (IAYT) and mindfulness facilitator, and holds teacher training certificates in Mindfulenss Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT, Oxford)Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY), and Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation Training (MYMT, Spirit Rock).


Texts / Presentations

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The Inner Peace Conference, Amsterdam (2016).
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