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KVStudio is an online space with curated psychoeducational masterclasses and practice videos for direct access and support, when you need it.

Here you`ll find tools to amp up your resources, that will help you understand your mental health and empower your emotional wellbeing. Includes the potent practices from the renowned Yogi Facilitator Leadership Training. KVStudio is filled with practical tools and expert resources, exclusively given to you by clinical psychologist Kristin Vikjord, directly on your device, accessible for you when YOU need them.

These masterclasses are NOT to be considered therapy for mental health problems. However, they serve as support, psychoeducation and can compliment you in your therapeutic process.

Request Exclusive All Access to the resource library by the Premium subscription for €237,5/year. Get access to more than 50 videos of mindful yoga, meditation, breathing practices, and psychoeducational masterclasses. BONUS: full course of Build Emotional and Mental Resilience + Empowering Emotional Wellbeing (original value €544,50).
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Build Emotional & Mental Resilience

— A 5 week program —

Build Emotional & Mental Resilience is a 5 week course, a heartfelt support of psycho-educational guidance in times of stress and high emotional intensity. This course will elevate your knowledge, clarify essential neuropsychology, empower you to agency and give you concrete tools for challenging times. Here you’ll get 20 videos, including guided practices to find ease in times of unease, with Clinical Psychologist Kristin Vikjord.

This course will:

  • give you 20 videos of psycho-educational material
  • elevate your knowledge of your emotional and mental health
  • clarify essential neuropsychology
  • empower you to agency
  • give you concrete tools for challenging times

This course is for you who:

  • are going through emotional or mental difficulty
  • want to acquire resources and tools to empower yourself to change
  • want to learn about essential psychology of mental health
  • struggle with poor sleep quality
  • feel stuck in chaotic thoughts and anxiousness
  • feel ruled by depressed energy

Topics we cover are: ​

  • Module of Essential Neuropsychology
  • Module of How to Maintain Homeostasis
  • Module of Readiness to Change
  • Module of 8 Wellbeing Prescriptions

Including: Guided compassion and mindfulness based practices + ​breath work to calm anxiousness

Build Emotional & Mental Resilience

Price: €497

Going through a difficult time?
Get this course and get clarity on your situation + learn tools to support yourself to move through.

This course give you 20 sessions with Clinical Psychologist Kristin Vikjord.

Empowering Emotional Wellbeing

— A 4 week program —

In this month long online course you’ll learn how to Empower your Emotional Wellbeing. This course includes 5 exclusive sessions with me, and offers you essentials for mental health awareness. It will increase your knowledge, and give you empowering and preventive tools to help you deal with difficulties. It´s a practical course, where you’ll learn some of the underlying mechanisms at play in difficult times, and what you need to overcome them, to empower emotional wellbeing.

The course gives you 5 exclusive sessions:

  • which will help you shed light on your situation
  • and what you need to overcome your struggles, to find emotional wellbeing
  • you’ll receive practical tools
  • and an exclusive guided breath practice to apply whenever needed to find ease


Module A: An introduction

In the introduction I discuss to how this course will help you, and why Empowering your Emotional Wellbeing is essential in cultivating a nurturing and compassionate life.

Module B: The brain

The brain is a complex organ. When it can function well, it can help us feel more at ease. This takes only a few simple adjustments. This module sheds light on what the function of the stress response really is, how the brain works, and how it communicates.

Module C: Kindness

When stress is high, negative thinking tends to be louder, and the voice of the inner critic might overwhelm your inner nurturing voice. In thus module you’ll receive a very usefull tool to help you in such moments. Join me in this practice of Wishing yourself Well.

Module D: The Breath

The breath is essential when we need to pull the brakes on our nervous system, especially regarding unnecessary alarm reactions, that happen when exposed to heightened stress over time. Join me in this guided breath practice when you need to find ease in unease.

Module E: Connecting with yourself

In those intense moments of your day, the only thing you need is to ground yourself by Connecting with Yourself, in the here and now. Thoughts can take over, sensations can take over, and you are more focused on how intense and challenging it is right now, instead how to move through this moment. Let me guide you through this, by showing you how to connect with yourself.

Empowering Emotional wellbeing

Price: €40

Feeling overwhelmed?
Get this program to support yourself, and to feel better.

This course give you 5 sessions with Clinical Psychologist Kristin Vikjord

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