What is Emotional Wealth?

Emotional wealth is the new capital. A progressive statement? Not really. Let me elaborate.

Casting a quick glance on the current challenges many people face today, gives us a fastrack estimation towards future needs. Why emotional wealth is the new capital is closely linked to the technologization of society, and digitalization of living.

As A.I. takes over more and more of everyday tasks, the human race is in danger of becoming a second assortment leftover in the context of technology. What generation X had in school curriculum is neither necessary nor relevant for our children. Generation Z and Y is already suffering big time, with extreme early onset of burn outs, anxiety, sleep disorders and other stress-related conditions. Perfectionism is the disease of these generations, and people are achieving themselves sick. Societal norm has made the perfect entrapment, where contortions of both mind and body are celebrated as normal. Everyone can be whatever they want. Everyone can do everything. And this is where it all went wrong.

As the norm became “everyone can be whatever they want”, the sweet messages and drops of wisdom from our elders was lost. Our heart, and our ability to be present with our loved ones, and to love, is the utmost excellent quality of humanness there is. How to live a meaningful life. And knowing how this works, this love, how it is to feel love, or to feel lack of love, how to love oneself, to love someone else, to be heartbroken – it is essential to learn. Essential to cultivate, and to bring on to our children.

So what is emotional wealth then? It sounds like a cheesy sales pith, but it’s a hardcore truth. Even in spiritual communities we see this bypassed over and over, due to a miscomprehension of the meaning of mind. Whereas mind is our awareness, where thoughts and feelings holds hands, where emotions become cognizient, and can be expressed to others, and where others emotional expression and energy translates into us. Emotional wealth can be defined as the ability to maintain skillful behavior, in challenging times, or when life is difficult. It entails basic knowledge of emotional health and unhealth, and how to convert it into skillful efforting and joyful living. And it´s emotional competence, where social and emotional skills converts to living and acting from a place of clarity, courage, and compassion.


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Retreat 1: Finding Ease in Unease

For dedicated practitioners that are interested in elevating own skills of emotional wealth

Retreat 2: Mindful Yoga as Applied Practice

For yoga teachers that are interested in learning HOW to teach Mindful yoga for emotional wealth, to others

If you are a yoga- or meditation teacher, yoga therapist (aspiring)

Retreat 3: Yogi Facilitator Skills

For yoga-/meditation teachers working with populations like refugees, prisoners, mental health or clinical settings, and yoga therapists, and health care professionals with multiple disciplinary expertice in yoga/MF or similar. For all helpers supporting others through difficult times, or help them helping themselves.