A balanced working mom?

Do you often find yourself slightly haggard, or so sleep deprived your memory keeps playing you tricks? Do you find yourself staring at other parents in the park, or in social media for that matter, puzzeled at how balanced they seem?

Here are some thoughts and tips for you on these ever so hot topics: 

  1. How do I balance work and motherhood?
  2. Three ways to support mindful parenting
  3. How you can be a balanced working mom
  4. Mindful motherhood is embracing change

How do I balance work and motherhood?

Is it possible to be a balanced working mom, or father for that matter? I´m often asked how I go forth in this, especially cause people assume I do it very well, considering my field of work and all. Truth is, that it is for me as for everyone else. I definitely have quite some tools to support me, and I use them for sure to take full agency in being a balanced working mom.

For me, it´s imperative I stay connected to myself and consciously make space for pauses in my everyday. I continuously invite myself to take a solid step back, asking myself what is needed right now. Being a multipassionate entrepreneur, means I outsource where I know others can deliver better than myself. I also ensure to have mentors for the various projects I´m involved in, not only for my clinical work. These are some ways I invite skilful efforting as compassion based practice.

Making space for formal practice like yoga and meditation is a necessity, and is the most efficient way for me to pause. A playful, mindful movement flow, deep breathing, or simply sitting – some  sacred minutes throughout the day that I truly grant myself. For me, this balance between doing and being mode is essential for how I want to live my life.

Three ways to support mindful parenting

  1. Be present with your children. Lay your phone, computer or other gadgets aside. Talk with them, have eye contact, hug and kiss them.
  2. Do stuff with your children.  If you are one of those who enjoy sitting on the floor with them and play, do that – engage in their play. Or if your not so much into legos, or whatever they might be up to, let them be part of everyday doings like cooking, cleaning, shuffling snow, organizing tools, or tidying up. The one thing children appreciate the most, is spending time with their parents.
  3. Do stuff for yourself. Model the importance of having a pause here and there, for your emotional health, let the children see you take care of yourself. Share with them that you like and need some time to read a book, do yoga, meditate, go out, or do nothing.

How to be a balanced working mom

Balancing work and motherhood is simple. Don’t try to do thousand things at the same time.  Your children grow up faster than fastest, and it´s only a very short phase of your life they are small.

  • Choose clearly, and be honest to yourself about your energy.
  • If you can, adjusting work hours according to their school hours.
  • Make a clear agreement with your partner on who’s doing what.
  • Embrace change as the new baseline.

Mindful motherhood is embracing change

In a way I believe mindful motherhood is wishful thinking. What I mean is that the mindful part is more about our shift of attitude, and how we relate to our selves in how we do it. That is, for example done by getting more clear and honest with yourself and your surroundings. Cause parenting is mostly not what you expect, but mostly about how you are able to meet your children, and yourself with compassion.

Did any of these thoughts and tips resonate with you? When do you feel balanced between work and family life?

Wishing you an utmost mindful weekend!


Photo by: Charlotte Apituley