In last post of The Expert Interviews you meet Janice Gates, and now Eddie Stern shares some insight as seasoned yoga teacher, where he shares drops of wisdom and contextualise the stories of practitioners and experts in the field of applied yoga and wisdom teachings.
Eddie Stern must be one of the most legendary ashtanga yoga teachers there is, and what an amazingly nice and cool dude! He invites people in his shala to practice anything that works for their body, staying true to the yoga therapy (yoga chikitsa) principle of Krishnamacharya´s legacy. He collaborates with the artist Moby and Deepak Chopra on the most accessible breathing app, The Breathing App, and shares his knowledge at events like In Goop Health and The Inner Peace Conference.
Thank you, Eddie! Loved to get to know you abit more – AND, I know you’ll give sessions at The Inner Peace Conference in Amsterdam, October 6-7, can’t wait!
And to you, dear reader – Enjoy!