The Yogi Facilitator Leadership Training

I’m so overly excited to share this training with you. A training that Janice Gates and myself have curated for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, coaches, health care professionals, and anyone working as helpers, helping others through difficult times.

The Yogi Facilitator Leadership Training in Mindful Yoga as Applied Practice is for helpers, helping others through challenging times, to promote mental health and emotional wellbeing.

This process leadership training in Mindful Yoga as Applied Practice is unique amongst all great trainings in the field of yoga therapy at the moment. See further down for some of the most renowned collegial trainings in this field currently, for differentiation to know which one is THE ONE for you.

The Yogi Facilitator leadership training is merging contemporary clinical knowledge of mental and emotional health and practice with the wisdom traditions of yoga and dharma teachings. No other training juxtapose the mindfulness practices from the dharma path seamlessly with the most updated empirical knowledge from applied psychology. We all know Buddha was the first cognitive therapist, however here you get to experience the connecting dots in its fullness, as process leadership and in becoming a skilled facilitator of the wisdom path.

We firmly believe in supporting folks towards mental health and emotional wellbeing, as a way to a life with more ease and emotional wealth.

Our training is planned out in 3 retreats, to ensure the most integrated experience and understanding of the practices.

Retreat 1: Finding Ease in Unease

This is where you get intimate knowledge and experience with the practices, and get to unravel your own process. We guide you through this silent retreat, and your own inner journey, together with your fellow students, so that you learn how to embody unease with ease.

Suitable for: everyone who’s ready for change

Retreat 2: Mindful Yoga as Applied Practice

In this retreat you get to learn didactics, neurologic underpinnings of the practices, research, and the psychology of yoga and dharma path.

Suitable for: advanced practitioners, yoga teachers, yoga therapists, coaches, and health care professionals

Retreat 3: Yogi Facilitator Skills

The final week will take your though recommended practice protocols in relation to psychopathology and conditions such as eating disorders, addictions, depression, anxiety, and traumas. You will also learn and practice how to facilitate change processes in the framework of yoga and mindfulness.

Suitable for: advanced practitioners, yoga teachers, yoga therapists, coaches, and health care professionals

Read more about our training, www.yogifacilitator.comHERE


Your Guide in the Jungle

There are many great trainings out there, so a herewith some support to orient yourself in the jungle. Remember to ask yourself, WHY do you want to take this training, and for WHAT do you want to use it for.

The Yoga Therapy Institute – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • aiming to becoming a certified yoga therapist by IAYT? This is THE training to take (if yo can still get a spot). Directed by the most compassionate and playful Monserrat, you’ll get an in-depth training of yoga therapy as defined by IAYT. Find their site HERE

The Minded Institute – London, England

  • evidence based, yoga for clinical application. Directed by the eloquent Heather Mason, which I had the honor to host at our beloved Arctic Yoga Conference here in Bodø, a most knowledgable, witty and generous lady. Check out their site HERE

The Nalanda Institute – New York, USA

  • online and retreat based contemporary Tibetan buddhist training for psychotherapists Directed by a friend and colleague, the intriguing Dr. Miles Neale. He´s coming on a book tour soon to Europe, so stay tuned! Read more HERE


Hope this was useful, and now – take time to make an informed choice.