Life fluctuates between ease and unease

Being a human being,  living our life, carries a pain or unease to various extents as part of existential reality. We move through states and have experiences that fluctuates between ease and unease, pain and happiness, being more pleasant or unpleasant, and so forth. There´s no way around it. Its human.

Sometimes though unease becomes more constant. It lingers, and can become disease. If the appropriate factors are present, being it genetically, or by eliciting environmental situations or experiences (both somatic or mental), or others – a chronic state of being in unease becomes disorder. This is when general functioning in everyday life is very challenged. For example by the lack of being able to maintain life as it is, or taking care of one self – like upholding work commitments, or ability to ensure food and general health, being able to have any kind of social interactions or relationships and more.

If you are experiencing much unease, it can be helpful to ask yourself following:

  1. What is the unease or challenge I´m experiencing? Try describing it for yourself, with your own words. 
  2. Where does it come from? What is the unease about? Or, what kind of function does it serve for me at this moment in life?
  3. What do I need to bring in more ease, or reduce what feels challenging, at this moment? 
  4. Do I feel  I have accessible what I need for bringing more ease in? If not, ask for help:) 

Even though life presents itself through existential reality, and pains of various expressions are natural, it is not natural to try overcome it by oneself. Especially not when it becomes to overwhelming, or when everyday function level is reduced drastically. Talk with someone close to you. Or ask for help, if you can.

More on this topic later.

Until then, check out THIS accessible meditation practice of calming the mind by Deborah Quibell.