Yoga – as alternative strategies

Yoga is a science, a lifestyle and a process as individual as there are practitioners. It has many benefits, embracing aspects from neurology, psychology, physiology and so forth.

One thing a regular yoga sadhana (practice) affords is choices. Being a regular and commited yoga practitioner doesn’t protect us from life’s ups and downs. It doesn’t prevent challenges, or make us ‘equanimous’ to the stage we no longer react when hurtful or awful things happen (or happy ones for that matter). Yoga is a tool – a way of getting to know yourself a little better. And applied under right guidance and individual adaptation, theres is possibilities of applying it even as alternative strategies for dysfunctional and destructive behavior.  More on this topic later.

Some inspiration for today, on Compassionate Based Approaches. I’ll make a separate blogpost on this later.

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Ps! On the photo I’m wearing Ladress ‘Maya’ – a yellow splash of joy! Maya as in samkhya’s illusion of reality. Dive behind the scenes of yoga sadhana, and reveal your own illusions;) As the last rays of sun turns pale, summer becomes fall and nature is slowly preparing for introversion and hibernation, I’ve always found fall beautiful, and enjoy the changes of the seasons and how I get affected my them. Here in the north we are more or less forced to live in resonnance with the light (or darkness).


How do you get affected by natures shifts? And what do you do to adjust your energy in accordance with the shifts? Or do you let the shifts adjust your energy?