Hi, I am Kristin, clinical psychologist, yoga therapist and mindfulness facilitator, here’s how I can help:


Here you’ll find all trainings, workshops, retreats and other events with me. Such as Mindful Yoga teacher training modules, Yoga Therapy for mental health, and Yogi Facilitator Certificate programs and more.


I offer counselling and mentoring through my Online Office as E-therapy. Counselling, to empower emotional wellbeing and support in challenging times. The mentoring is for professionals that wish to elevate your skills.


Online programs and courses to elevate your knowledge of mental health, applied psychology, and how to empower emotional wellbeing.

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Inner Spark

Inner Spark is about reviving your playfulness, and give you skilful means for overwhelming times.

The book helps you sort out inner unease, and gives you Nudges to Action to find more ease in times of emotional struggle. This book helps you rekindle your Inner Spark.

Coming in English in September 2020
And available for pre-order now

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