Hi, I am Kristin, a clinical psychologist who believes in the magic of relational healing, starting with yourself.

Here`s how I can help:


Inner Spark is a self-help book filled with practical assignments, nurturing practices and psychoeducational theory, for your home-based use in times of high emotional intensity and stress.

This book is a compassionate navigational key to unlock your inner spark when you feel stuck.



The Yogi Facilitator Training is a comprehensive professional leadership certificate program, divided in 4 levels. You can take modules of interest, or go for the full program. Online: live and pre-recorded sessions.

Each level will: fill your toolbox with efficient and potent practices and interventions; give you a unique community and collegial relationships; and elevate your competence in mental health and and how to empower emotional wellbeing.


KVStudio is an online space with curated psychoeducational masterclasses and practice videos for direct access and support, when you need it.

Here you`ll find tools to amp up your resources, that will help you understand your mental health and empower your emotional wellbeing. Includes the potent practices from the renowned Yogi Facilitator Leadership Training.

Inner Spark the book

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Inner Spark

Inner Spark is about reviving your playfulness, and give you skilful means for overwhelming times.

The book helps you sort out inner unease, and gives you Nudges to Action to find more ease in times of emotional struggle. This book helps you rekindle your Inner Spark.

In Dutch and English! Coming in Norwegian and Spanish in 2021
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